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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the KRUU Fotobox


The KRUU Fotobox is a mobile photobooth with which you can take funny snapshots that can immediately be printed out. Like almost every trend, this one also comes from the US. Initially, photobooths were permanently installed constructions. After coins were deposited, several pictures could be taken. After a few minutes, the pictures were printed out and spontaneous pictures could then be taken home as a souvenir. A photobooth is generally perfect for any type of event. Regardless of whether you are celebrating a wedding, company event or a birthday – you cannot go wrong with a KRUU Fotobox.

Use our online form at the end of this page to query the availability for your desired date. If a photobooth becomes available, you will immediately receive notification via e-mail. From this point forward, your photobooth will be reserved free of charge for a period of three (3) hours. If you would like to turn a reservation into a booking, then simply click on the “book” button in the e-mail.

If so, then please contact our support department via e-mail: support-de@kruu.com You will receive additional material for your printouts – and, of course, at a much lower price.

After your booking, you can make payment on the photobooth within the next seven (7) days. Don’t worry, you can cancel your photobooth order free of charge up to seven (7) days prior to your event.

You can cancel your KRUU Fotobox order free of charge up to seven (7) days prior to your event by sending an e-mail to support-de@kruu.com. You will automatically be reimbursed within one week. Payment will be made directly to your account.

The team at KRUU.com stands behind the KRUU Fotobox. Apart from the rental of our photobooth, we broker professional DJs and photographers throughout Germany. Our team currently consists of 15 full-time employees who are also involved in the manufacturing and renting of our KRUU Fotobox. We have already rented thousands of photobooths and would be extremely excited if you decide to rent one, too. Should you have any questions, then please contact our customer support.


The KRUU Fotobox is available at a price of only 290 EUR including the applicable VAT rate. This price includes shipping costs and numerous humorous photo accessories. Your digital pictures will be available after your event in our online gallery. There is no time limit for the use of the photobooth on the day of your event. The photobooth is equipped with a single-lens reflex camera, touchscreen display, professional studio flash and professional printer.

The photobooth will be shipped so that it arrives 1-2 days before your event. When exactly the photobooth arrives is shown in your customer portal. It’s best to have the photobooth sent directly to your home in order to be able to test the functionality in a stress-free environment. The shipping of the photobooth via our forwarder UPS is included in the price.

Each photobooth that exits our warehouse is set-up, tested and individually configured. After the return of the photobooth, we need sufficient time to recalibrate it for the next event. So that every customer receives his or her photobooth on time, we are unable to send the photobooth a day sooner or later than planned.

Of course, we will supply numerous humorous accessories with our photobooth so that every guest will find something suitable. The practical paper accessories do not have to be returned after use. We also offer you a variety of additional bookable prop sets, you will find them in your customer portal. Among them are theme-based paper accessories, emoji masks & cladding utensils. If you have your own props, you can, of course, use these as well.

The photobooth does not come with a background system. However, this also isn’t necessary. A simple wall is sufficient as a background. We recommend placing the photobooth against the wall and not to have it extend into a room. However, if you still need a background system, you can find a wide range of them on the Internet.

Our photobooth is only made for indoor events. It must be ensured that the operating temperature, particularly for the printer, is between 10°C and 40°C under normal conditions. The photobooth must never be subject to direct sunlight (particularly in the summertime), since this might cause the operating temperature to exceed 40°C. Particularly on cold and moist days (recommended humidity range 30–80 %), the printer is not operational. For this reason, the photobooth can particularly only be used in heated rooms during the winter months. In addition, the operating temperatures (+/- a few degrees) apply to almost all printers.

Technical information

With our easy-to-use and compact thermal printer, you can hold your funny snapshots right in your hands thanks to instant printing. The prints have a format of 5x15 cm or 10x15 cm and are printed on high quality photo paper.

Our photobooth comes with a 7-inch touchscreen display. This display is used to take all pictures. Use the photobooth display to select whether to save a photo or if you want to take a new one.

The currently installed camera is the Canon EOS 1300D. We also use a very light-sensitive Canon objective with a set focal length.

Due to the professional studio flash with beauty dish, badly underexposed images are a thing of the past. Using extra lighting in the room is not necessary. The studio flash creates a soft, indirect light to create a special Hollywood effect.

The photobooth is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen display. This way it can be easily operated and wired triggers are a thing of the past.

You want to have your print-outs in your hands in 12 seconds and change the material rarely? Then book our high-speed photo printer instead of our user-friendly thermal printer. This way you can hold your funny snapshots in your hands in only 12 seconds - it doesn't take you any longer. Important! Please note that you have to deal with this device intensively after receiving it. The printer is a professional device which cannot be operated easily. Thanks to our instructions, changing the replacement material is possible if you deal with it beforehand. We recommend the high-speed photo printer for events from 200 persons upwards.


Both the set-up as well as the dismantling of the photobooth are easy to do and can be completed within just a few minutes. Of course, we will send you detailed instructions for setting up as well as dismantling the photobooth, and we will be available to you should you have any questions. Based on our experience, the set-up of the photobooth should not cause any problems and even people that are not technically inclined are able to do it. Using the instructions, the set-up of the photobooth should not take longer than five minutes.

In order to achieve a perfect result, your photobooth should be set up at least one metre and, at best, 2 metres from the person or persons being photographed. The greater the distance, the more people will fit into the picture. You can also individually vary the distance to suit your needs. The photobooth itself does not take up lots of space and is therefore very compact and space-saving. You only have to set up in the vicinity of two electrical outlets.

In order to operate the photobooth, you do not require any technical knowledge, since the set-up is extremely easy. Everything you require to do this can be found in the detailed instructions included in our package. However, if you should encounter problems during the set-up, we will of course be able to assist you if you need our help.

If you should encounter problems with the set-up or use of our photobooth, we will gladly help. Simply give us a call. After booking your photobooth, you will receive our service hotline number. Please contact this number if you encounter any problems. We will do our best to provide you with technical first-aid so that you can continue to enjoy your event without having to worry about anything.


You will receive your humorous snapshots as a printout in 10x15 cm format or as a stripe in 5x15cm. Within your booking, you will automatically receive our print flat rate for unlimited printouts. So you do not have to worry about the paper being insufficient during your celebration. We'll provide you with enough paper for more than 24 hours of photobox fun. And do not worry, so far nobody has used up the entire material ;).

For an extra charge, you can select the single-image option in your customer portal. Just make sure to enter the details in our customer portal up to seven (7) days prior to the mailing of the photobooth. If you would like to use an individual design, then you’ll find a template to download all important information.

In your customer portal, we will present you with a selection of possible designs from which you can make your individual selection. Of course, you can also upload your own individual design in our customer portal.

Sample photos will be available on our website soon.