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Insurance and wedding props free to any KRUU Fotobox booking with voucher code EHO768
Events from 01/01/2018 to 31/12/2018


Photobooth Props

You want more than standard? We offer you many prop-sets at a small price. And the best thing is that you do not have to return the accessories after using them. This ensures that every one of your guests will find the right one.
Only while stocks last; Prices are subject to change

Photobooth Props Standard

1x included
additional 9,90 EUR

Photobooth Props Wedding

9,90 EUR

Photobooth Props Birthday

9,90 EUR

Photobooth Props X-Mas

9,90 EUR

Emoji Masks

14,90 EUR

Dress up Prop box

39,90 EUR


KRUU Fotobox insurance (Introductory price)

9,90 EUR

Hardware Trigger

14,90 EUR

Photobooth Features

In addition to the special design of the photobooth we also offer some unique functions. If you want to take a single picture per printout instead of a collage of 3 or 4 pictures, so the single-image function is just perfect for you. However your guests should reprint the pictures for several times, you can choose between our different printing galleries and the double printout function.

Social Sharing

99,00 EUR

Printing Gallery 50 for individual reprinting of 50 pictures

10,00 EUR

Printing Gallery 100 for individual reprinting of 100 pictures

20,00 EUR

Printing Gallery 200 for individual reprinting of 200 pictures

40,00 EUR

Single-image print in 10x15 cm (Introductory price)

39,00 EUR

Double printout

29,90 EUR