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Insurance and wedding props free to any KRUU Fotobox booking with voucher code EHO768
Events from 01/01/2018 to 31/12/2018

Delivery and Return


The dispatch is effected by UPS within Germany to the address of your choice. As soon as the packages are being handed over to our dispatch partner, you will be receiving a shipping confirmation by e-mail. There included you will find your tracking number to track your packages.

When will i receive the KRUU Fotobox?

The KRUU Fotobox will be delivered to your home at least one working day before the date your requested. Public holidays are automatically considered. In your personal costumer portal under the item delivery you will also find your delivery date.

Consignment tracking

Using your KRUU Fotobox costumer portal you can easily keep track of your order right from the beginning. On the left hand side under the item status of booking you can constantly trace the latest updates on your booking. This way every step is easily comprehensible.

In the tracking confirmation, which you will receive automatically by e-mail, you will find your tracking number. By that number you can look up the current status of your KRUU Fotobox parcels at all time.

You haven’t received your packages yet?

If the parcels haven’t reached you one day before your requested date, please make sure you have no note in your letterbox. It’s possible that the parcels have been handed over to one of your neighbours. If that is not the case please contact our costumer support immediately. We will instantly investigate the remaining of your packages and find a solution together.

What are the costs of the delivery and return of the KRUU Fotobox?

Delivery and return are both free of charge.


One working day after your event, the packages will without charge be picked up by UPS at your address of choice. The return vouchers, which you have to stick on both packages, are already included in your packages. Under the item pick-up in your personal costumer portal you will find the pick-up date of your parcels.

To which countries is the KRUU Fotobox being delivered?

Currently we are delivering the Photobooth to:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Luxembourg

Please note: You have to place your order for the right country right from the beginning. A subsequent change is not possible.